Fixed Monthly Cost
Unlimited Support
On-Call 24 Hours a Day

22 Years

A Managed Information Technology Service provider specializing in fixed price help-desk and on-call services for the small and medium sized business market for the past 22 years.  Learn how you can receive the benefit of world-class IT support without adding staff.

Veteran IT Professionals at your Service Around the Clock.

Foundation Support

  • Help Desk
  • Network Operations
  • Strategic Decision Support

Express Support

  • Help Desk
  • Network Operations
  • Strategic Decision Support
  • Same Day On-Call Support
  • On-Site Support

Total Support

  • Help Desk
  • Network Operations
  • Strategic Decision Support
  • Next Day On-Call Support
Control costs with predictable monthly fixed-price model.
You always know what you are in for.
Improve IT service levels and increase performance reliability.
Specialists taking care of your needs.
Enterprise levels that scales with your business.
As your needs change so does our support.
Leverage advanced technology and skilled personnel.
Always know you have a team to support you.

Full-Service Information Technology Provider

The only constant in Information Technology is change. Rapid changes in Information Technology require companies to devote internal resources to non-core business functions. Outsourcing Information Technology to a specialized provider allows your company to focus on your core business. Sourcing Information Technology from Connetic assures you of enterprise level expertise that scales with your business.

Already have Information Technology staff?

Perfect! Our help-desk is a welcome addition to any Information Technology department. We can dispatch your technicians as easily as we dispatch our own, freeing them from the time-waste of manning a desk waiting for a call and freeing your users from dreaded voice mail when they’ve got problems and need immediate support. Special pricing for help-desk-only service is available. This service also includes access to our Strategic Decision Support team.